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The Regimen

The Regimen

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Four products. Three steps. Twice a day. For great skin. 

  1. The Cleanser
  2. The Retinol 
  3. The Moisturizer
  4. The Sunscreen


When do I use each product?

Step 1: The Cleanser
Step 2: The Moisturizer 
Step 3: The Sunscreen

Step 1: The Cleanser
Step 2: The Retinol
Step 3: The Moisturizer

When can I expect to see results?

This will depend on your current skin condition and routine. Some may see results quickly while others may build over time. Please book a complimentary consult to discuss your unique skincare needs. 

Doesn’t retinol cause skin irritation and purging?

Retinol promotes cell turnover, which means that it brings new cells to the surface but in the process, it can also bring oil and debris that was trapped deeper underneath.

Start low and slow when introducing retinol into your routine. We recommend a low-concentration formula once or twice a week so that skin can acclimate. With time you can ramp things up to more frequent application. Another trick is to “sandwich” retinol between a moisturizer i.e. apply a moisturizer first, then your retinol then moisturizer again to temper the effect.  

Is it meant for all skin types?

The Regimen is designed around the foundational elements of effective skincare. While everyone is unique, these four steps are the basis of caring for, renewing and protecting the skin. The Regimen can be tailored or customized if necessary.

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